Day one finished. 4 more to go!

Chasing Science Across the Fields

Two years ago, a Cell article made it into the headlines. It popped back up just a couple of days ago on social media. Its findings can be summarized with:

If you endure a prolonged fastening period, your bodies metabolic system will switch into hunger-state causing a lot of cells to die off quickly. Among them white blood cells. At the same time however, stem cells in the bone marrow increase in count. And if you start eating again after a certain period those cells will become your new set of white blood cells.

Now those white blood cells are the pillars of your immune system. So killing and replacing them should cause an immunological reboot. Sounds like a good thing to do.

Fasting has been a part of human history and religion. Yesterday the Ramadan started. While the main reason in religious fasting seems to be spiritual, the…

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