Waiting. Patience.

While this is my first real blog-entry, it is also an expression of utter boredom. Time seems to fly by but nothing happens. I am slowly preparing to move to Toronto, Canada where my fiancee has accepted a terrific position as post-doctoral researcher. A new chapter begins. But the old one is not yet finished.

I did 4 years of PhD studies at the Luxembourg Institute oh Health but am not able to graduate. My PhD thesis is delayed until I published my articles. From what I hear and read, it seems unfortunately rather the exception than the rule that you experience a swift and smooth graduation process. This is sadly a direct result of the complex relationship between the PhD student (who needs the title), the PhD supervisor (who wants publications) and the Host Institute (that has to pay for all that). Somehow ironically, there’s even a publication dealing with PhD supervision issues!

Luckily, I formed a broad scientific network over the past years. Therefore, I am currently occupied with preparing the Gordon Research Seminar on Antibody Biology and Engineering 2018 and contributing to different subgroups of the recently formed AIRR-community. (AIRR stands for Adaptive Immune Receptor Repertoire and is my field of study. You can find more about that here)

So, it seems like I am stuck and moving forward at the same time. 🙂

The Picture. I took this shot with my Samsung Wave smartphone while traveling in Jakarta, Indonesia back in 2011. The guy on his scooter seemed in a similar position. Waiting. Patiently. For Something. Why everyone else raced past. Yet, he was going somewhere.

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