The Hunt Begins…

… but actually, it just continues. After 13 years of school, 7 years of university and 4 years of PhD studies, I should finally come to an end with my education. But life as a scientist tells you that it never stops. There is always a novel proposal to compose, a new article to write, a kick-ass presentation to prepare, a next conference to attend, a better experiment to design.

In a similar way, this is also true for our social and professional media. Today, there is linkedIn, ResearchGate, XING, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and God knows what else. Always providing new ways to present a different side of yourself.

That’s why, I decided to set-up my own website. It is meant to combine the almost schizophrenic multi-profile-personality of current times and to paint a more complete picture of the person I am (and the one I want to become). Hopefully, the results is going to be more than just the sum of its parts.

>>Read the latest stuff in the blog section.<<

The Picture. I chose the stairway to Wat Phra That near Chiang Mai as symbol for this starting page of my website. When you visit Wat Phra That you have to climb it step by step and it seems endless. Yet, there is constantly people around you below you, above you, passing you, staying behind. Everyone has the same goal, reaching the top. Mastering the stairs. Willing to endure the pain. And then, when you finally reach the top, you see a lot of gold. Just gold. Soon enough you start thinking if it all was really worth the tiring ascend. And while your legs still shake during the tricky way down you realize: Not the Wat was the thing to see for you, it was the stairs. © JPB 2015

I will try to use mainly my own pictures for this website, so please respect the copyright. If you would like to have a high-resolution copy of any picture shown here please contact me. If you think one of my images infringes your copyright please contact me.

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